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East Meets West MUN Conference


​​​Hosted by Baldwinsville HS and Jamesville-DeWitt HS

April 27, 2013

We are sorry to announce that the EMWMUN Conference has been canceled for 2013. We appreciate all the hard work of our advisers and chairs. We are planning on hosting a conference next year.


                               EAST MEETS WEST MUN CONFERENCE

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Baldwinsville- Patti Mullaney-

JDHS- Jamie Crawford- jcrawford@jd.cnyric.org

JDHS- Donna Oppedisano- doppedisano@jd.cnyric.org

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EMWMUN, is dedicated to the education of students and the encouragement of higher thinking through international awareness, understanding, and individual growth. We hope students will gain an understanding of international affairs, politics, and the United Nations. At EMWMUN, students will be able to represent delegates of international organizations as they follow 
parliamentary procedure to debate real world issues and work toward diplomatic solutions
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